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Cyclists are investing in technology and cutting edge design. Security has not kept pace with the increasingly high value of equipment.

Veloeye VX is a GPS/GPRS bike tracking device built into the bottle cage allowing you to locate your bike in the event of it being stolen. 

Building on an existing community of security tag users, we are now advancing toward securing investment and realising the manufacture of the Veloeye VX bike tracking device. For the ulitmate Bike security system.

Earlier in 2019 we shot and produced a promotional film explaining device functionality and the investment required to take VX into volume manufacture, watch it here.



At Veloeye we understand riders want the best looking accessories to compliment their prize bikes   

User feedback via focus groups and market insight gained from leading retailers has helped shape the final form and functionality.



Powered by 2 x AAA cells, electronics support Bluetooth, GPS/GLONASS, LORA and GSM/GPRS. With a low power hardware profile, expect 12 weeks battery life and 5 days on active standby.


Secure, discreet

The VX tamper proof casing will damage the frame if forcefully removed. Miniaturised electronics ensure the product is as discreet and elegant as it is functional. Industrial design, hardware and software are now at advanced concept stage in readiness for design integration. 

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